Fast Arch was invented in 1991 and patented in 1996. Although, the initial concept has remained the same, the applications have continued to expand over the years. The original idea was to construct a simple arch form that attaches over a square framed opening to create an arched look that was consistent, uniform and versitile. FRAME SQUARE OPENING, INSTALL FAST ARCH, APPLY SHEETROCK. While that continues to be the mainstay of the business, the Fast Arch system has been successfully used to construct and simplify a wide variety of previously difficult framing problems. Fast Arch can build "ANY SHAPE, ANY SIZE, ANY TIME".

The Fast Arch system is unique from other prefabricated arch systems for many reasons. Onc significant reason is that they offer an infinite number of radiuses and shapes, plus they do not charge set-up fees or time delay, while other arch systems are limited to a very narrow range of redily available width/rise combinations. Also, the Fast Arch System alows the customer to order any expanded wall depth and use just one arch per opening, where as other arch systems require the use of two or more per opening which increases the cost and installation time.

Occasionally, you will run across a very unusual or unique application. If it has a curve, call us ... WE CAN DO IT!

As we said, there are an infinite number of radiuses and shapes but the main applications requested are below: