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If you’re unfamiliar with Fast Arch of the Carolinas and the state-of-the-art technology and products we offer, we’ve added answers here to the most common questions you might have. If you still have more questions or would like further explanations after reading, give our Archdale, NC, business a call. 

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Do I need to do any extra framing?

No, just frame your opening square as you would with any opening.


Do I need exact measurements?

The width measurement should be rounded to the nearest inch. Fast Arches come in two halves for ease of installation. Because they come in two halves, Fast Arches can overlap or gap up to an inch without any effect on the final product. The wall depth should be more precise. For instance, a 2 x 4 framed wall would measure out to 3.5 inches.


How much drop should I include for my arch?

It’s really only limited by your preference. An arch with a bigger drop has a more drastic curve than one with a lower drop. It depends on what style you’re going for and what the plan details call for.

Six-to-One Rule: Drop is based on preference, but a general guideline is one inch of a drop for every six inches of width. For example, 36-inch width would get a six-inch drop. A six-inch drop could also work for 24-inch to 60-inch openings in the flat arch style. Ellipse style arches need more drop for the desired look. All drops do not have to be the same in one room.

Half circle arches must drop exactly half of the width (a 24-inch width would get a 12-inch drop, etc.). 

How do I get my arches?

You can fill out our online order/price request form, or print off our .pdf version and fax it to (336) 431-7935. Once we receive your form, we will send a confirmation with price and estimated ship date via either fax or email. All arches are shipped UPS® Ground. Arches over 12 feet in length may ship in four pieces rather than the standard two to comply with UPS box size requirements.


How long does it take to install an arch?

Standard openings take only two to three minutes to install with no waste. It’s a very simple process that usually only requires one person.


What tools do I need to install an arch?

Generally, the only thing you need is a hammer, drills and nails, and screws. One inch roofing nails, flathead screws, and framing guns can be used to attach the arch to your existing framing.


How do I finish my arches?

Fast Arches are finished the same way as any wood framed arch would be. Drywall can be applied directly to the metal arch using drywall screws. Stucco and most exterior applications such as DensGlass® can be used as well.

Do you have instructions to construct a groined ceiling?

Yes, you can download a pdf of the instructions here.

Do you have instructions to construct a domed ceiling?

The Fast Arch Dome Ceiling System consists of two main parts: An RST cylinder and the dome rib pieces that attach to that cylinder.


  1. The RST Cylinder comes in sections, and once they are put together, they create a top and bottom ring.
  2. After you have used the RST to create the bottom ring, you will need to attach either metal or wood studs to match the height or drop you have requested. Fast Arch will specify the on-center measurements (usually 16 inches oc).
  3. Fast Arch will supply rib sections that are to be mounted to each framing member.
  4. Oftentimes, this system can be totally assembled on the floor and then mounted in place.

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