Elliptical, Half Round, Eyebrow... Any Shape Doorway!

Fast Arch of the Carolinas can do it all when you need an arched opening of any kind in Archdale, NC. If you have a curved soffit or curved wall you need to frame, our radius stud track (RST) ships to your job site with the pre-set radius ready to go. All you have to do is lay it down where you need it and add studs—instant radius wall! Why be square when curves are this simple? Add character and charm to any room or property with one of our simple arched openings. 

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Our Goal

Fast Arch was invented in 1991 and patented in 1996. Although the initial concept has remained the same, the applications have continued to expand over the years. The original idea was to construct a simple arch form that attaches over a square framed opening to create an arched look that was consistent, uniform, and versatile. While that continues to be the mainstay of the business, the Fast Arch system has been successfully used to construct and simplify a wide variety of previously difficult framing problems. 

Why We’re Different 

The Fast Arch system is unique from other prefabricated arch systems for many reasons. One significant reason is that our systems offer an infinite number of radiuses and shapes, while other arch systems are limited to a very narrow range of readily available width/rise combinations. Also, the Fast Arch System allows the customer to order any expanded wall depth and use just one arch per opening, whereas other arch systems require the use of two or more per opening, increasing the cost and installation time. 

Our Products

As we said, there are an infinite number of radiuses and shapes, but the main applications requested are below:

flat arch

Flat Arch

The flat arch is the most common form of arch. It’s used to create arched openings, like passageways, niches, and barreled hallways, etc. The ends intersect vertical framing members.
half-circle arch

Half-Circle Arch

The half-circle arch is the second most common arch form. It’s also used for passage openings, niches, and barreled hallways, etc. The drop is half the width of the diameter. 
true ellipse arch

True Ellipse Arch

The ellipse arch is a smoother form of the flat arch. The ends terminate in parallel with the vertical framing member instead of running into it. 
barreled hallways

Barreled Hallways

Barreled hallways are quickly created by using a series of fast arches that are spaced at 16 to 24 inches. Special pieces are made for 90-degree intersections.
groined ceilings

Groined Ceilings 

Usually a groined ceiling is very beautiful yet extremely difficult to build. However, by using the Fast Arch system, it becomes an affordable addition to any floor plan. By combining the unique features of Fast Arch and RST, a groined ceiling can be easily and accurately installed using only simple tools. 


Domes of all shapes and sizes are cost-effective, simple, and accurate with the Fast Arch system. Domes are created with the combined use of RST and fast arches. 

Window Wrap

Window wraps are used for sheet rock returns on any window or opening. Once the window is in place, install the window wrap from the inside onto your squared framing. Window wraps provide a perfect template and consistent radius for finishing, and they eliminate a lot of extra framing on the job site. We will be glad to provide a sample for one window at no charge. All we need to get you started is a template or a detail of the window. Contact us today for more info!
window wrap

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Turn a standard hallway into a showpiece with an arched opening, elliptical doorway, or barrel ceiling. Fast Arch of the Carolina brings you a simple, inexpensive way to wow every person that steps foot on your property. Call us now to learn more!